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About Us

We are Steel Fabricate Company

Welding International CO. is leading fabrication and engineering companies in the Sultanate of Oman at Al jifnain industry Area.

Constant innovation is what we yearn for. It is a practice that we envision and strive hard to achieve; and we've been successful all through the way. That's why the top-notch engineering solutions that we offer match the best in the Oman. We give life to your imaginations and thoughts by coming up with the best of these solutions by offering a varied range of products that would meet your requirements.

Competitive pricing, world class workmanship, quick turnaround time and prompt delivery with these key factors also to support our expertise, we believe that we can make all your big dreams come true.

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Our Activities

We're Steel Fabricate Company with 12 Years of Experience

Steel Fabrication Division

Supply, Fabrication, Painting and erection of structural steel work which includes, Large and medium jobs. We take care of the job for the following Industries: Power plants, Petrochemical industries, Heavy & medium manufacturing industries, Warehouses, All kinds of buildings, Grand stands, Stadiums, Multi storey structures, Bridges, Floating Pontoons and all other cladding works.

Main Activities

Steel Cages Skid Both For VSD & FSD Equipment. With Full Package of Instillation The Step Up Transformer & Step Down Transformer & VSD Panel & Filter & Wiring Works. Steel structures for sheds, Car sheds, Portal Cabin Fabrication for Office & Accommodations, Heavy Duty Steel Rucks for Pump & Motor Storage.

Our Major Facilities Include:

Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Panding, Rooling. Havey Steel Cutting.

We are Specialised in:

Steel Cages Skid Fabrications.

Listed below are some of the important equipments installed in our premise:

  1. Lathe Machines
  2. Milling Machine
  3. Power Saw
  4. Welding Machines
  5. Shaping Machine
  6. Profile Cutter
  7. Compressor
  8. Bending Machine
  9. Fully-equipped painting shop
  10. Hydraulic Press
  11. Power Press
  12. Boring Machine
  13. Thread Ralling Machine
  14. Hacksaw
  15. Angle Straightening Machine

Welding International CO.

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